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Wholefoods Kitchen is a natural extension of all the things we feel passionate about. It reflects the values that makes up our wholefoods store. It brings to life the local, seasonal foods gathered from our loved producers within our region.

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What we love most about it is that it now cements that connection between YOU and US.
For better or worse. For richness and flavour. In purpose and in health, to love and to enjoy. From this day forward, until we can cook no more.

Our coffee is roasted just a lyttle down the road at Old Green Bean by our friends Chris & Zoe. You’ll love our wholebowls. We’ve mixed together the salads we think match best with either a choice of meats or vegan options and then they’re topped with dollops and dips, punch and crunch. There’ll be a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

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With us, you can eat in and enjoy the buzz or come later in the arvo and enjoy a raw treat and a moment to yourself. You can sit outside in our edible garden and catch some rays. Or you can takeaway your nourishing goodies to enjoy at home or in a park nearby. On Thursday to Saturday you could even take it around the corner to Handlebar and have a schneaky bev with it. Dietary diversity is important to us so we can cater to individual needs. You can even grab salads to take home for friends or family and even pretend you made it yourself.

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Don’t forget to have a wander into our wholefoods store as well. You could get lost in there for days or just pick up ideas on what to cook from the Kitchen and grab your ingredients there.


Monday – Friday
7am – 4.30pm

7am – 3.30pm