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Bendigo Wholefoods philosophy – Food we love it!

We’re a greengrocer, delicatessen, edible garden nursery, provedore and wholefoods kitchen cafe. We’ve got slow food, local food, global food, organic food, health food, vegan food, super food, growing food, food for fun and more…We have gathered goodies from over 100 producers and farmers from the Bendigo central Victorian region to showcase in the café + instore.

Whether it’s a breakfast box for your B+B, a parcel of produce for a picnic in the park, or a crispy crunchy Harcourt apple for that sight seeing snack…. In the heart of this beautiful regional city, Bendigo Wholefoods shop brings to the table treats that will tantalise your tastebuds on your trip. With free tastings daily…you can mingle and munch your way through local life…

Wholefoods Kitchen designs dishes for diverse diets. You can find your flavour in ‘wholebowls’, brekky bruschetta, fresh juices, smoothies, super salads, peckish pots and wholesome paleo, raw and vegan goodies. Eat in, take out, it’s good to go!

Just over 11 years ago Darren and Nicole Murphy became the shiny new owners. Their vision has seen Bendigo Wholefoods become a green grocer, delicatessen, kitchen nursery, providore and wholefoods cafe with a big focus on local and regional produce. We strive to bring an experience back to into shopping.

BWFK_Shoot220160130_0148 resizedExpressions of Interest/Areas of Interest? passion?  what can you can bring to the table for our customers?

We are always on the look-out for people that have a strong interest or passion to work in the following areas of the shop: Local Fresh Seasonal Produce; Fresh Bread Daily and Special Diet Breads; Culinary Tourism; Global Cuisine; Food Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing; Kitchen Gardening; Homewares; Gifts; and Cookbooks…or that you have a passion or strong interest in wellbeing diets, baking and home making, preserving, fermenting, cooking, gardening, vegan and paleo cooking or even a bit of street food fun – adventure eating!

There is also a business to run so we are open to “fresh ideas”

Roles at Bendigo Wholefoods SHOP (Retail) & KITCHEN (Hospitality) & Business Management

Here are some of the areas of the store you may see yourself working:

  • RETAIL SHOP Customer service.  Fresh produce & shop box packing, Pricing, Shelf stacking, bulk foods bagging and Cash Register friendly face, start and end of day procedures.  Garden etc
  • RETAIL BUYER or TEAM LEADER – must have food skills, knowledge and experience, teamwork, team leader, admin
  • BIZ OPS SUPPORT: Online sales & online store management and marketing administration
  • KITCHEN: Chef/cook/kitchen hand
  • CAFE FLOOR: must be able to do the following roles: Barrista, Juicer, Register, Short Order Service, Floor service, dishwasher


#Retail SHOP Team Leader/BUYER Level 4. Retail Award Full Time & Casual…Fridge, Freezer Deli, Local & Global…

  • One Full Time (Fridge,Freezer,Deli) 1st of November 2019 start……+ either one full time or two casual positions exist subject to applicants.

#Front Line Retail SHOP or Hospo CAFE Casual.  Level 1… Retail Award.  

  • Shop Retail Position; (1) Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday OR (2) Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday..Shifts start 11.30am…or 1.30pm…or 3.30 TO 6.30pm..15 to 20 hours per week minimum.  Generally 4 days on 3 days off….Job Share relationship.  End of Day Checklist, Produce, tastings and Register work.
  • CAFE frontline….Coffee station, Juice Station, Register Station, Floor work, dishes, cleaning, Start of Day and End of Day Checklists.  15 to 20 hours per week.
  • CAFE AM or PM Team Leader FULLTIME. TWO POSITIONS.  This year or for 2020?

#OFFICE ADMIN LV4 or BIZ ADMIN LV6….Retail Award Casual…subject to knowledge, skills and experience..

  • Likely Tuesday/Thursday/Friday…Minimum 3 hours per shift..Min of 9 hours per week up to 15 hours.  Seasonally adjusted at busy and quiet times…
  • Banking, Change, Compliance timelines and payments planning, Cashflow Planner, Batch payment scheduling, Capturing invoices and statements via email, chasing invoices and tax receipts from key staff for end of month and quarter,  IAS, BAS, PAYROLL, SUPER etc reviewing expense allocations and coding,  Scanning to RECIEPT BANK?, familiar with XERO to liaise with bookkeeper, payroll assist and HR processing….working with operational staff, biz admin staff and bookeeper and owner. Must be super systemy tidy and organised….with attention to detail…Basic business bookkeeping a must….

#CAFE Manager or a Team Leader/Training Manager – WHOLEFOODS KITCHEN…This year or for 2020?

  • Fulltime or SalaryRestaurant Award
  • LV4 + (Team Leader/Training Manager) to LV6+ (MANAGER) – subject to applicant…
  • Our doors are open for an outcome driven CAFE MANAGER who can achieve WHOLEFOODS KITCHENS Seasonal Plans and Menu management objectives and performance targets.  This person needs to be a fun, fair, fresh and a well-seasoned foodie to work with 😊……What can you bring to the table?
  • The CAFE MANAGER works and reports directly with the Owner, Bendigo Wholefoods Management and Leadership teams, Head Chef, Cafe, Kitchen and Shop TEAMS as a key connector and communicator of Vision, Mission, Values, Ideals and Philosophy of the business to our team and our food community. Only applicants with industry experience as a CAFE MANAGER with proven results should apply / With good examples of jobs and projects to share with us in your application.  As the CAFÉ MANAGER of WHOLEFOODS KITCHEN you must be Competent, Capable and accountable to HR/IR/Worksafe/Roster+award mapping compliance, Budget performance, Sales performance, Ordering + Waste management, Food Safety/Allergens and intolerance, IT/Pos/Online APP savvyness, Cash handling, Business risk compliance/OHS etc, Social media performance, Problem solving individually and with your Front and Back of House Teams to help build and develop a better business and manage business and public risk.
  • The CAFE MANAGER must have a passion and genuine interest for Food, Wholefoods Philosophy, Local food, regional food, Organic Food, Provenance/food hero/grower/producer stories, a good eye for detail, a good nose that can smell, a good pallet for the senses and eating experience of the customer. THE CAFÉ MANAGER must have a genuine like and warmth for humans with an awareness and mindfulness towards customers dietary needs, allergens and the overall cafe experience.
  • This CAFÉ MANAGER position could be the “hospo dream job”.  We want someone to work with us for a few Years and Seasons to achieve the vision for Wholefoods Kitchen and Bendigo Wholefoods.    For the right applicant this person could find themselves working Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm…..BUT be aware, this Job comes with the responsibility of managing the Wholefoods Kitchens overall operational hours to cover the service plan…..YOU will need to be washing dishes, peeling onions, prepping for smoothies and juices, dusting the fridge motors, probing food, fixing table legs, updating the Daily Specials Board ready for service……#? If you have never read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential or flicked through a Margerate Fulton cookbook then best you not apply !
  • NOTE: Wholefoods Kitchen closes for two weeks each year at from Christmas day to early January and most public holidays.

When APPLYING FOR CURRENT JOBS or submitting a general ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST’ to work at Bendigo Wholefoods  please ensure you have a serious crack at your application from the start so we don’t have to play chicken & egg. Your email should include an attached cover letter and current CV. Your cover letter should have reference to a specific advertised job OR an expression of interest for particular employment (chef/cook, café hospo, customer service retail etc) in the subject heading, so all the eggs are in the one basket. To avoid ruffling feathers, please include the hours you can and cannot work on a standard week and also note other commitments that will impact your employment throughout the coming year. This means there is less plucking about…. & you will go up the pecking order. This is no yolk!

To apply for a job with us, please send your cover letter/email & attached resume to

Put this in your email subject line – JOB?: type of your or work you are wanting? NAME (full name)? Mobile number (your number)?