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Food, we love it! We want a passionate “foodie” to join our team and love our business as much as we do. Can you juggle more than one piece of fruit, spin more than one plate, clean and not lean and able to count beans? Can you work with whole-teams?  What can you bring to the table for our customers?


BWFK_Shoot220160130_0148 resizedWe are a quirky community food-store that strives for old fashioned customer service. We want a work-culture and a workmate that values hospitality, enthusiasm, interaction, banter, initiative, a positive attitude, being a Whole-Team player as well as being clean, tidy and organised… So we hope that’s you!

You must also value the ideals and philosophy of the shop; take ownership and pride in your work and like humans. We also seek people that have a strong interest or passion to work in the following areas of the shop: Local Fresh Seasonal Produce; Fresh Bread Daily and Special Diet Breads; Culinary Tourism; Global Cuisine; Health & Wellbeing; Kitchen Gardening; Homewares; Gifts; and Cookbooks…or that you have a passion or strong interest in wellbeing diets, baking and home making, preserving, fermenting, cooking, gardening, vegan and paleo cooking or even a bit of street food fun – adventure eating!


We don’t have any jobs on the go right now, but you are welcome to send us an email with your CV and a cover letter. 

Note any times, hours, days, and weeks within the year that will impact on your capacity to get on with the job at hand. 

And then what happens?

As a general rule…..We will contact you when we are ready to chat. We generally do a phone interview, a quick catch-up in person and then trial a potential employee for 1 to 3 shifts casually. We then interview for positions that involve more structured shifts, regular hours and key roles within the shop. We are not always great at following up as quickly as you might like and things change as we work out what we need, so you will need to hold tight and be patient. Thanks for your interest!

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