The Whole Story

We’re a quirky community food store that strives for old fashioned customer service.  For over 25 years we’ve provided fresh fruit and veggies to the Bendigo community.

Almost 10 years ago Darren and Nicole Murphy became the shiny new owners.  Their vision has seen Bendigo Wholefoods become a greengrocer, delicatessen, kitchen nursery, providore and wholefoods cafe with a big focus on local and regional produce.

We strive to bring an experience back into shopping.  It’s the place to get amongst it with the locals – you might even become one – don’t laugh, it has happened before.



A - HEADER IMAGEOur 100 year old red brick shop is classic Bendigo outside and classic Bendigo Wholefoods inside – overflowing with great products, great ideas and great people.

Smack bang in the heart of Lyttleton Terrace, we are just a 5-minute walk from the train station or Visitor Centre and there’s 450 car parks if you prefer to drive.

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Grocery & providoreBendigo Wholefoods has around 8000 product lines including home wares and gifts, global foods, health foods, super foods, organic foods, food for fun and more.  We are a delicatessen, providore, kitchen nursery, cook book shop and wholefoods café.

Every product on the shelves is carefully thought about and selected because it has something special about it.  Maybe it’s because it’s got low food miles, or it’s organic, or maybe it’s free from sugar or gluten or preservatives or cruelty.  Or maybe it’s just because it simply tastes awesome.

No wonder we have a reputation for being the place to get that one special thing you can’t find anywhere else.

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producer profilesAt Bendigo Wholefoods we are passionate about supporting and promoting our region’s great growers and producers.  We search high ‘n’ low to find Victoria’s best artisan products and producers. Our list of over 100 local suppliers is constantly growing and evolving.  We have local products available to taste every day.

Our local producers are motivated by more than profit.  Like us, they are driven by passion.  For their product, their means of production and for sharing the joy of what they lovingly produce.

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contact usAt Bendigo Wholefoods we love food that is local, chemical free, unprocessed.  The way it comes out of the dirt or off the tree in all it’s lumpy, bumpy glory.  That’s kind of what we look for in our staff too – we like ‘em not too refined!

We employ chefs, naturopaths, nutritionists, vegans, free-from foodies, mad locavores, talented gardeners, passionate cooks and homemade hicksters (country hipsters).

The Wholefoods team love to move around the store chatting and catching up with customers. We gladly share recipe advice, product information, insider tips, knowledge on local producers, our consuming passions, enthusiasm and smiles.

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We strive for old fashioned customer service…

…and we want to provide a unique local shopping experience whether you’re just visiting or have been shopping with us for 20 years.

We believe in nurturing and investing in relationships…

…with our staff, our customers, our food and the people that grow and make it.  This is our community, we listen to what they want, their opinions and ideas. When are open to potential and possibility and we are in this together.

We are passionate about supporting and promoting our region’s great growers and producers…

…because their products are fantastic and we believe in reducing food miles and fostering community development.  We believe in the joy of eating seasonally, when each product is at its’ peak and we embrace the changes in supply each season dictates.

We love food in all its’ forms, origins and meanings…

…sometimes we have to look a little further than our backyard to ensure we cater to all backgrounds, diets, needs and curiosities. Most of the time we like it local, organic, sustainable and delicious – as straight from the tree or out of the ground as possible.

We take pride in our reputation…

…for being the one place in Bendigo that’s got that special something to complete your meal, kitchen, garden or household.  And more than that – our team can tell you how to eat it, cook it, grow it or use it.

We are mindful of sustainability in all our actions…

…not just our local and global environment but also our local and independent food industry and our business.  That way we can keep growing, keep supporting local producers, employing local people and serving our community.

Local, organic, sustainable, quirky, delicious…that’s not just our products that’s our workplace too…


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