Meet the Team

Daz – Our Fearless Leader

As a kid, Daz had Nans that were great cooks in a town where everyone knew who grew their food. Not surprisingly grown-up Daz has always worked around food, as a chef, a restaurateur and a grocer.  Food is all about sharing for Daz. Simple, rustic rich or fresh flavours – get your hands in it food that dribbles down your elbow, his taste buds know no geographic boundaries.  Although he loves wondering the shelves sharing food stories, these days he spends the majority of his time in the Wholefoods engine room, keeping us all on track…he’s our Houston when we have a problem.

Emily – Homemaking, Grocery & Providore

The embodiment of the best of vintage values, (with a possibly obsessive relationship to her chooks), Emily worked as a trained teacher, an untrained chef and in retail before joining us.  This qualifies her well for her self-defined role at Wholefoods as “go-to, fixer-upper, store mum, grease monkey and jack of all trades.”  She’s the one who makes sure it gets done.

Emily’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Wholefoods product means she can help you with any wholesome product whether it’s on the shelves or not.

Contact: supply(at)


Craig – Fruit & Veg Guru, A.M Team Leader

Part Ninja, he’s a ‘just do it’ kind of a guy.  He can talk to you about what’s in season now and next.  If you need something special in the fresh produce line he’s your man.  Passionate about the re-localisation of food, chat to Craig about our local growers, their stories, their ethics and their produce.

When ex-chef Craig’s on the floor in the morning he’ll wear the Sherrif’s badge – the ‘go to’ for any tricky questions.

Contact : fresh(at)

Nic – Personal Shopper, Tour Guide & Facebook Phantom.

Resourceful Colbinabbin girl Nic met Daz in Albury and found it easier to get a table at his restaurant if she was dating him.  Nic works at Wholefoods when she isn’t at her Podiatry practice.  She created the art of ‘speed shopping’ for busy customers, posts her culinary triumphs and explorations to our Facebook, always has an awesome suggestion for dinner and runs Foodie Tours in the shop when time permits.

Contact: supply(at)



Sherry – Bread Guru

A published poet, Sherry was born in Zimbabwe and was educated amongst the sugar cane fields of South Africa. In the early noughties she heeded Grandma’s advice and moved to Australia.  Sherry is our Guru of Bready Delights.  With her background in fitness and nutrition she has a gift for special diet breads – if you’re trying to avoid it she can tell you how, without avoiding flavour.  In the afternoon she’s your friendly face at the register.

Contact: fresh(at)



Tessa – Shelf Stacker & Taste Tester  &

Alex – Shelf Stacker & Entertainment


Daz & Nic’s daughters Tessa (11) & Alex (13) have been a part of the team since they were old enough to fetch n’carry.  They’re mad foodies and talented cooks in their own right (how could you not in this family?)  You’ll meet them inside helping out or meet Tessa sometimes fund-raising for St. Jude’s School in Tanzania, or budding singer-songwriter Alex busking out the front.

Tessa’s first food memory is lining up for seconds of gozleme at a festival so it’s not surprising she loves the global food section. More of a sweet tooth, Alex’s favourite thing in the shop is the sweet-sour balance of milk chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries.  Sounds like she’s got her Dad’s palate…


Kristyn – Fridge & Freezer Queen, P.M Team Leader

Self confessed dumpling addict, attracted by the produce, the plants, the vibe (and Tim’s beard) Bendigo born and bred Kristyn joined our team in 2014 year after graduating as a Naturopath.

Positivity personified Kristyn looks after our younglings and can help you with anything in the shop.  Fancy cheeses, specialty yoghurts and all things fridge and freezer are on top of her watch list.  Craig hands her the Sherrif’s badge every arvo, so her word becomes law each day at about a quarter past two…

Contact : fresh(at)

Regan – Bulk Wizard & Vegan Grocery Champ

Regan has been on the team almost 4 years – and every team should have one.  Not just because she’s amazing under pressure, can source the best quality bulk food for the best price; she makes all our celebration cakes, each carefully matched to the person of honour.

You’ll see Regan if you have a bulk foods order or question (her mind is a steel trap when it comes to special ingredients). She’s responsible for our ever changing, ever growing selection of premium vegan products and  has also done just about every job in the shop so there is not much she doesn’t know…

Contact: bulkfoods(at)


Michelle – 2IC Fruit & Veg & Mornings

Michelle’s Wholefoods journey started in Canada the day she left her corporate job to go WWOOFing.  She followed an Aussie boy back to Benders, and just the smell of Wholefoods told her she was home. Two years later, in the mornings, her smiling face is still the first you see.

Ask her what’s in season, ripening times or storage tips.   A former Bread guru she’s got that covered too.  In fact, ask her anything about the shop…she probably knows.

Contact : fresh(at)

Tom – Nursery GuruTom

Our token sportsperson for the Wholefoods Team (after hours Tom is Mr. Gridiron Bendigo), Tom joined us earlier this year to look after the nursery and is loving working outside rain, hail or shine and increasing his garden knowledge working with the plants and learning from our customers.  Tom’s other claim to fame was being named no.2 in Australia for Customer service when he was a student working for a major supermarket.


The Younglings…

Joining us at 4 pm – straight from school.

Our younglings are the burst of energy we need to get us through to 6…They top up drinks, the bulk foods, the produce.  They can help you find stuff in the store, and if they don’t know the answer they absolutely know who to ask the question to.

The younglings are an essential part of our team, and often stay with us for years, coming back to play on Uni holidays.  As Obi-wan Kenobi taught us “we must look after the younglings.” They help out on the registers, they help us pack up at night – and they get heavily judged on their music choices.


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