This is where you’ll find your seasonal staples – those things you always like to have on hand for your culinary creations – the basics that make everyday cooking easy.   We’re talking breakfast cereals, nuts, bulk foods, flours, sugar – you know the stuff.

EmilyEvery item on our shelves is handpicked and we are constantly looking for products that are more local, better priced, organic, more ethical, higher quality and more delicious at the best possible price.

You know the true test of a quality bulk product?  It’s when Regan is bagging something up in the bulk room and everyone passing buy says “Man, that smells good!  What is it?”

Cereals, Grains, Legumes & Pulses

From delicious ready-to-rock cereals, mueslis, granolas and porridges through to every obscure grain, flake or puff you need to make your own unique cereal star in the Wholefoods Pantry Range.

As for the pulses and legumes – our bulk food section is second to none in Bendigo (and most of Central Victoria too….)  We are constant reviewing our range looking for better quality, lower food miles, more competitively priced grains, legumes, pulses, rices, spices etc for our bulk food range.

Some of our favourites include…..



Mount Zero

Mount Zero are a Demeter Certified Biodynamic Producer from just on the edge of the Grampians. A great range of pulses and legumes including red or french green lentils, chickpeas, farro and frekkah. Also fab mixes like the soup mix and felafel mix.

Big Oz

A range of organic, gluten free flakes perfect for cereals and porridges including millet, brown rice, or buckwheat flakes.

Kapai Puku

'The Seed of Life' - One of the highest fibre cereals available. Fructose Free and Naked Man Blends are favourites. Also great just sprinkled on your yoghurt or mixed into your crumble for extra fibre and flavour.

Paleo Pure

Organic, grain free, gluten free paleo friendly muesli that is good for your tummy and your soul.

Wholly Granolly

Fabulous range of granola made just down the road in Shepparton. The Anzac Granola is sooo yummy and the fructose free is delicious and paleo / gluten free friendly too.

Bendigo Wholefoods Bulk Oats

Oats! We've got 'em - in whatever form your porridge loving heart desires... Biodynamic, organic, rolled, quick, steel cut, oat groats and whole oats. Check out the bulk shelves...

Bendigo Wholefoods Bulk Legumes, Pulses & Beans

We love our pulses and legumes, from providing the essential textural and nutritional boost in winter soups and stews to bulking up summer salads...We reckon we have every lentil including puy, french, black, beluga - there's also mung beans and chick peas just nearby. Then there's the dried beans....(get comfy this is gonna take a while...) Bulk, turtle, adzuki, black eyed peas, cannellini, lima, butter, navy, haricot and the perennial fave, broad beans.

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Cake, Make & Bake

If you are a passionate home baker, biscuit or sweet treat maker this is the section for you.  It’s also a playground for the dietarily diverse, whatever you or the recipient of your cake, make and baking is avoiding we have the substitute here.  Gluten Free?  No worries choose from a massive range of alternative flours.  Fructose Free?  You will not believe how many sugar substitutes grace our shelves.  Dairy Free?  Egg Free?  Lactose intolerant?  Or simply an adventure eater you’ll find what you want here….

Some of our favourites include…..

Chef's Choice

Chef’s choice products are premium grade and certified organic. We stock a huge range of their extracts for baking with authentic flavours and their leaf gelatin is always a favourite.

Essential Ingredient

Ever wandered into this store in the Prahan Market? Let me tell you...for a foodie it is like walking into culinary heaven...Fortunatley we stock a great range of their speciality cooking ingredients so you don't have to leave Bendigo to create your gourmet delights. Stuff like...egg white powders, premium cocoa powder, truffle oils, gluten free glucose syrup for fondant making, gelatin and even duck fat...

Vanilla - in any form you can imagine...

We just stock too many brands, in to many formats to pop them all up here...So if you are looking for Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Essence, Vanilla Powder, Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Beans or even Vanilla Sugar you'll find it in cake, make and bake. Stand out brands include Loving Earth, Chef's Choice and Equa Gold.

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Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Baking, snacking, making your own muesli, lunchbox treats, pre-dinner nibbles, complimenting your cheese board…

Around the bulk shelves we have some great local and organic options and some conventionally grown or from further afield – all your favourites and some more exotic and obscure options to keep your nibbling interesting.


Some of our favourites include…..

Billabong Organics - Dried Organic Apple Snacks

75 km down the road to Kerang you’ll find Billabong Organics NASAA registered Organic Orchard who are craftily turning their delicious apples into irresistible snacks to soothe every craving…

Craving something sweet and chewy that packs a flavor punch to get you through your mid-afternoon slump? Apple Chewy. A healthy treat for the lunchbox – apple leather. A satisfying crunchy snack? Apply Crunchy. They even make a range of ‘apple snakkles’ shaped like native animals or icky insects…

Sommerset Park Walnuts

Fresh walnuts, just picked, from Strathfieldsaye. Nothing like the packaged nuts you get from the supermarket; these are fresh!

Bendigo Wholefoods Bulk Dried Fruit

On the bulk shelves you'll find all the usual dried fruit suspects from organic prunes, peaches, apricots through to paw paw spears, mago cheeks and dried banana. we've also got a stach of your more 'unconventional conventionalists' dried cherries, inca berries, goji berries, mulberries - check out the super food section for these power packed goodies...

Bendigo Wholefoods Bulk Nuts

Nuts to you! Bulk nuts in every variety you could imagine... pistachios, walnuts, almonds, macadamia, brazils. And then they are all in multiple forms, organic, biodynamic, raw nuts, roasted nuts, ground nuts, crushed nuts...make your own monster muesli...And then there are the bulk activated nuts - activated almonds, activated brazils and activated walnuts. These guys hand on in brown paper packaging with the Super Foods and Supplements too.

Bendigo Wholefoods Bulk Glace Fruit

Yummy at anytime, as soon as Christmas Fruit Cake Season rolls around we can barely package up the glace fruit quick enough before it romps of the shelves... Glace pineapple, cherries, pears, apricots, peaches, mixed peel and good ol' glace fruit salad.

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Salts, Sugars, Herbs, Spices & Seasonings

…just imagine you have more than a hundred spices in different sizes, on different shelves scattered across your kitchen. How good would it feel to bring it all together in one handy accessible spot, in the right sized containers? That’s how we feel right now having created the “Spice Snug” in the front corner of the Store (opposite Mexican and Central American food – next to the Yotam Ottelenghi shrine)

In response to your feedback, suggestions and questions, Queen of the Bulk Room Regan and her trusty sidekick Riva have trekked through spiceworld and emerged with an expanded range of organic herbs and spices and brilliant dry spice blends without additives and preservatives. The new resealable bags will mean no more turmeric stains on the pantry shelves.

From around the world, organic spices and truly fabulous spice mixes…yep, we’re the one place to get that elusive ingredient to get that truly authentic flavour….

Murray River Sea Salt

From an ancient inland sea not far from Mildura - the chef's favourite - but also looks simply gorgeous on the table. Oh yeah! they have just introduced a truffle salt to their range - take your scrambled eggs to the next level...

Pyramid Hill Sea Salt

Another pure salt, like the Murray River Sea Salt (i.e. no anti caking agents and other junk) it also retains essential trace elements like magnesium and calcium, loved by chefs for its' purity. We LOVE their smokey salt good on ripe tomatoes...

Nirvana Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt

Sourced from the Himalayas a totally natural, unrefined, wholesome and holistic crystal salt that is not only great tasting, but is also renowned to contain 84 elements that are essential to life and good health and it's free from environmental pollution.

Lotus Foods Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Salt is treasured as the finest of all condiments in many European countries. This salt is free of any processing, it is dried only by the hot summer sun and wind. It is harvested in late summer by salt farmers, who delicately, gather the salt from the marshes with wooden hand tools.

It is also much loved for it's health properties - because it is only sun dried, it retains the ocean's moisture, which helps lock in many vital trace nutrients such as: Chloride, Sodium, Sulphur, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Mangagese, Copper, Calcium and Silicon. You'll see the Lotus Foods Brand all over the store - these guys have just celebrated their 25th year supplying premium organic products.

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Rice & Pasta

Rice.  It’s kinda like bread – a staple food in so many cultures.  On a bulk shelves you’ll find it in so many varieties from red rice to sushi rice, brown rice and wild rice – then in the global foods section you’ll find the top of the line risotto rice…and as for pasta and noodles…well here’s a few of our favourites…but look around the store there is so much choice.

L'Abruzzese Pasta

Just like Nonna used to make! Rough style pasta from 100% Australian Ingredients, most of the pasta is organic in all teh traditional shapes and styles. Also a great range of pastas from ancient grains Corizon, Spelt, Rye and other gluten free grains.

Explore Asian

These guys have a brilliant range of bean based pastas - so you get the texture and ease of a noodle or pasta but with a gluten free, high fibre and even better high protein bonus. We love the blackbean spaghetti and the endamame spaghetti.

Casalare Gluten Free Pasta

Another great local producer. These guys produce a completely gluten free and soy free range of pasta in every size and shape imaginable just down the road in Kyabrum. Oh yeah - you'll also see their pancake mix in the cake, make n bake section of the store too

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Special Diets

So many products, so little time.  You might have realised now, we love food and we take a stand for dietary diversity!  Whether you are avoiding certain foods or ingredients because of allergies, health choices or an ethical stand – we believe you have a right to delicious, nutritious and interesting food to excite your palate and plate.


There are stacks of great substitutes and swaps all through the store, and on our staff we have vegans, veggos, lactose free peeps, ceoliacs, paleos, locavores and ethical eaters of all persuasions – so grab a staff member if you’ve got a question…

Orgran Foods

Orgran make a massive range of gluten free Great if you have lots of dietary diversity in your family or multiple allergies, Orgran are free from (get this) gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy, yeast, GMO's, eggs and all animal products! Their range includes pasta, bread mixes, cake mixes, snacks and baking products.

Lotus Foods

Not for a specific special diet - just great quality, premium, organic wholefood ingredients trusted the world over. We love their nutritional yeast flakes, xanthan gum, celtic sea salt and so much more - looking for an obscure essential organic health ingredient? Look for the Lotus logo...

Naturally Good...

These guys make the treats you've been missing! Dairy Free, Gluten Free, FODMAP friendly and Vegan munchy muesli cookies and bakehouse cookies. Thank you.

Simply Seven Snacks

Yummy crunchy legume based salty snacks like Quinoa

All their products meet the & standards, no trans fat or cholestrol, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no wheat, all natural recipes, simple ingredients that are simply delicious. Try the Sea Salt Hummus Chips or Red Pepper Quinoa Chips - grab a Rozas dip for some delicious snacking...

Eskal Allergen Friendly Foods

Another great label to look out for - a range of interesting products that are gluten free, nut free or dairy free. Not always all together. Great snacks like choc covered pretzels for the gluten free, nut free nut butter and delicious pommegranite juice. The deli crackers are terrific and they even have allergen free ice cream cones

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Coffee, Tea & Other Warm Drinks

Just behind the bread there’s a whole row of the stuff, locally roasted coffee from Grata and Coffee Basics.  Every kind of organic and/ or herbal tea you couls imagine, more chai than your cardie-wearing-drum-tent-dreaming heart could desire.  Some for flavour, some for health and some just to put that pep in your step we all need sometimes.

Here is just a few…

Calmer Sutra Tea - Original Fresh Chai

Also known as wet chai – just like in the drumming tent at those festivals you used to go… you’ll find it in the dairy fridge with the milks.

Melbourne made – from fresh ginger root, 8 Indian spices, black tea leaves and pure Victorian honey.

Organic Rainbow Spiced Cacao

Takes hot chocolate to a whole new grown up level – perfect winter warmer with cardamom, ginger and clove to premium organic cacao powder.

Clipper Organic Berry Teas

Sometimes in winter it’s hard to get as much water into you as you need – enter the herbal tea. Shake up your green or peppermint groove with White Tea with Raspberry or Blueberry and Elderberry Tea.

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