We love our kitchen garden.  For lots of reasons…first of all it’s a gorgeous way to start work ,to wander down the side on the way to the staff room, it’s always so reflective of the season, full of lush seedlings in spring and summer, the colours of the turning leaves in autumn and the stark wintery beauty of bare rooted season.

For many of our customers it’s a lovely little inner city oasis to take a moment…

DazOur focus (surprisingly) is on growing food, from culinary herbs, to veggies to fruit and nut trees  but we do include a few decorative bits and pieces to brighten your day.  Most of our plants are from local growers so you know they are going to work in our climate.  We also stock medicinal herb seed s and seedlings and of course what you need for chemical free and organic growing and pest management.

Whether you have a huge veggie patch, a small backyard or just a balcony or window sill with a few pots we’ll have you growing your own in no time.


Food Trees

Changing with the season, there’s always a great range of fruit and nut trees to choose from.  Start your own orchard, or grab a food tree for a gift that will just keep on giving.  What a great housewarming gift.

Oh yeah?  Want to learn more about bare rooted trees?  Check out this blog post


Bare Rooted Fruit & Nut Trees

When plants are dormant in winter it is the perfect time to transplant, giving them enough time to get comfy and established in their new home before the stress of summers heat. We get a huge range every winter. the most popular? Cherry, Fig, Pommegranite, Almonds & Pistachios.

Heritage Fruit Trees

Want to grow one of those trees that you used to climb (or steal fruit from) in your grandparents back yard? Give us a try! Gorgeous heritage breeds from medlars to quinces and blood plums.

Multi Grafted Fruit Trees

Great for small spaces. One tree - two crops - genius! Try lemon/ lime or valencia / navel orange. imperial ' emperor mandarins and of course stacks of apple combos.

Citrus Trees

It's just not a home if you don't have a lemon tree in the backyard...Lots of citrus to choose from limes - finger limes, australian limes, native limes....lemons - lisbon, eureka, lemonade, myer and thornless....oranges - navel, saville, blood, cara cara, mediteranean sweet...Viamin C City here we come...

Heat & Drought Resistant Trees

Sensible thinking in our Central Victoria climate. Fruit trees that survive (and even thrive) in the toughest of summers. Try olives, pomegranate or feijoas for hardy edibles.

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Kitchen Garden Books

Over the last few years there’s been a number of chefs falling in love with their kitchen gardens and sharing their gardening tips along with their recipes for cooking and preserving their harvest.

Next time your up the back of the shop, have a flick through some of our titles – ask Emily, she’s right across this sub-genre of books for cooks…

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Seeds & Seedlings

What should you plant in the veggie patch now?  just check in what seedlings we have in stock.  All local, all spray free the front of our store is where you’ll find our seedlings, and in spring in summer we have to steal part of the drive way just to keep up with all the tomato varieties.

In the shed at the back of the Kitchen Garden you’ll find our seeds.  Great range of heritage seeds, non-GMO seeds and veggie patch perennials

Renaissance & Romantic Seedlings

Sometimes known as Romantic herbs these guys specialise in the non-GM, non-hybrid weird wonderful and obscure. Looking for wormwood, comfrey or fenugreek? What about trinidad or ghost chilis? You'll find them here.

Purtills Nursery

We love these guys. Located just down the road in Huntly. This is who you look to when planting your veggie patch or setting up your herb garden.

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Garden Gifts

Remember ‘The Waifs’? They have a great song called ‘Fourth Floor’ it’s the story of a woman tending a tiny garden in a tall apartment block. How in her ‘world of concrete’ this little garden keeps her connected with the seasons and the earth, and for the singer “…that small window box puts a skip in my feet, four floors below on the street.” See, Growing stuff is the gift that keeps on giving…

It doesn’t have to be a massive commitment, just a big pot with some herbs in a sunny spot is a great place to start.   We’ve got some recycled timber boxes made locally that are perfect to plant up with some lettuces or a tomato or two.

Here are just few ideas for gifts from the garden..

Dwarf Trees

Perfect for small spaces or for growing in a big pot and easy to harvest. Dwarf fruit trees are super popular in the whole stone fruit range...nectarine, plum, apricot or peach. Apples and pears work well as dwarf trees as do lemons, limes and oranges. Great to add colour and productivity to a small courtyard garden.

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Eco Gardening

You might’ve noticed that organic food is pretty important to us.  And that doesn’t mean it’s always got to be certified.  One of the things that great about knowing who grew your food is that you can find out about their farming practices and whether they are sustainable, responsible and restorative.

So of course it makes sense that we stock lots of options to help you keep your garden chemical free – from natural pest control to organic fertilisers.

Wander right down the back of the Kitchen Garden and check out what’s in the garden sheds.

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Gardening Gear

Great gardening tools made for little hands, solutions for gardens in small spaces, sharp secateurs, big rakes, aerodynamic spades – wander through the sheds down the back of the Kitchen Garden for just the thing you need or the perfect gift for your favourite passionate gardener.

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