EmilyWe like to think of this section as where the Nona Arts meets bamboo clothing. Making it yourself is much more Suzie Quatro than Suzie Homemaker these days. i.e. – a lot more rock n roll.

So whether you are looking to preserve your produce, make your own sausage, make bread from scratch we can help you with the right equipment, ingredients and cookbooks to help you get the swagger in the kitchen you never knew you had. Food is a playground, and time in the kitchen in good for the soul, whether you are spending time with the kids, pickling a present or creating ‘parent of the year’ facebook opportunities our home making section will give you the edge to leave your guests gob smacked with your culinary prowess.

It’s also where you will find our green cleaning products.

Cure, Culture, Pickle & Preserve

It’s the next logical step in the wholefoods and slow food movement really. It makes sense – if you can get great produce from local farmers why not pickle, preserve or process it yourself? You’ll know for sure what’s in your food and where the ingredients come from and when you make it yourself with love, food simply tastes better. Once you’ve kitted yourself out with the basic ingredients and equipment it is often cheaper too…

For some inspiration check out this blog post too…


Over the last year or so we have been stocking up on all of the above and the necessary kitchen hardware to meet our own DIY drives. Here’s just a few of the bits and pieces we have to support you in your home-making endeavors – you’ll find most of the stuff facing you at the back of the Store when you walk in, around the tellie playing the cheese making tips…


Mad Millie’s Sauerkraut Crock

Like all the Mad Millie’s range of DIY kits – this is a great way to get started fermenting.

They reckon it takes only 1 hour to prep your kraut, then 1 -2 weeks of patiently waiting while it ferments before you pop it into jars and whack it in the fridge. Hey Presto – probiotic bacteria and enzymes a go-go and a great way of preserving the end of the harvest.

The kit contains:
- 3 L Handmade Ceramic Glazed Sauerkraut
- Traditional Clay Weights
- Instructions and Recipes for Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Build gut health, build immunity, build happiness.

Fowlers Vacola Preserving Equipment

The first name in preserving jars since before your Nan learnt how to pickle...Mason Jars, clips, lids, seals (in 7 sizes mind you...)

Mad Millie’s Kefir Kit:

Mad Millie’s fabulous range of DIY food and beverage kits that make practicing the ancient culinary arts easy…soft cheeses, artisan cheeses, (little baby cheeses…) and now kefir. Proud to say we were the first in Australia to order these – it’s the whole kit and kaboodle to make kefir at home – milk, soy or water based. Just in time for antibiotic season – choc full of probiotics, kefir is like yoghurt on steroids in terms of its super powers…

Home Make Mincers, Sausage Makers and Casings

This is a great range of gadgets for the home cook and affordable enough for the novice just dipping their toes (not literally - let's save that for the winemakers) into sausage and salami making.

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Bread Baking & Pizza Making Stuff

This is one of our favourite bits of the shop.  We love our new wave pizza makers – pretty darned good little gadgets if you don’t have the time and inclination to build a wood fired pizza oven in your back yard…

And then when it comes to bread is there anything more homely than making your own bread?  Is there anything more welcoming than the scent of freshly baked bread?  We thought not…

Here’s just a sample of how we can help you out…


Masterclass Loaf Pans

Having the right equipment can make all the difference when flexing your culinary muscle...

Pizza & Bread Flours

On the bulk shelves so many flours - so little time...White Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Spelt, Rye, Organic versions of all of teh above. Then up the ante with seedy mixes, multigrain mixes and of course: Bread Improver - this is the secret to get that elastic-y chewey texture of great fresh bread

New Wave Pizza Maker

So good, so easy, so yummy...features a hot stone to get your crust just right. We use ours on the tasting table aLOT!

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Green Cleaning & Eco Friendly

In the back right hand corner of the shop you’ll find all our green cleaning products to help you in your spring-cleaning endevours. Gentler on the earth usually means gentler on people too with less irritants, perfumes and fumes. One range we love (and not just because they look beautiful) is from ecostore, they started a recent blog post with this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupry:

“Perfection is achieved not when there is anything left to add, but rather when there is nothing left to take away”

So in the spirit of simplicity here are a few of our favourite green cleaning products (oooh yeah – check out this blog too) :


Who gives a crap? toilet paper

We do! Sit down for what you believe in…

So…try to find fault in these ethics…toilet paper made from 100% post consumer recycled fibers saving trees and landfill, chlorine, ink, dye and strange perfume free, tested only on humans and 50% of profits go to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. You can order it through the Bendigo Sustainability Group who have a toilet paper party every month, or if you run out, grab it by the roll or box from us.

ECOlogic cleaning products

From just up the road at Riddells Creek, ECOlogic products are formulated from renewable natural plant based ingredients and their home cleaning range is a completely non toxic, effective and gentle alternative to help protect the environment.

Made using a fusion of organic herbs, plant extracts and pure essential oils the ECOlogic range is phosphate free, biodegradable and cruelty free.

Simplyclean Cleaning Products

Simplyclean, is a range of sanitiser and toxin-free home cleaning, pet care and personal care products.

Simplyclean is a healthier alternative cleaning range for the home with no compromise on cleaning performance.

Simplyclean is a family run business from Northern New South Wales.

Herbon Natural Products

Herbon was founded in 1982 by an industrial chemist who was actively involved in the research and development of environmentally preferable and allergy free products.

Herbon is run as a family business and their products are manufactured in Melbourne.

True Blue Eucalyptus Oil

True Blue - Blue Mallee variety eucalyptus oil makes a fantastic addition to your home cleaning repertoire.

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Books for Cooks

We’ve suspected it for a while – but now we are ready to call it. Yep. Bendigo Wholefoods has THE largest range of books for cooks in Bendigo…We just thought we should bring your attention to it, because Emily’s been stealthily sneaking them in for the last six months or so – expanding our range of titles and topics. From Vegan cup cakes to Paleo slow cooking to Celebrity Chef’s and Wholefood Gurus to culinary rock stars and passionate sprinters, fermenters, bakers and simple wholesome family cooks. We have wheat free, dairy free, meat free, chemical free cookbooks and every other intolerance or preference in between. Books from all over the world from Argentinian Street Food to complex French gastronomic texts…

And what’s novel is you won’t find all our books together in a dark and dusty corner – the books are where the food is – looking in the Vegan Freezer – turn around the Vegan cook books are behind you – baking something special – well the baking books are to your left. And all through global foods you’ll find the books that tell you how to use that obscure ingredient you’ve never seen before.

Ooohhh…and if you are lacking inspiration and looking for a book to help you fall in love with cooking again – grab one of Yottam Ottelenghi’s books. Great flavours, fresh wholefoods in recipes created with love inspired by all cultures…we love him. I mean really love him….

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We sort of just assume that everyone loves cooking as much as we do so we’ve stocked up on all the things we like to have around us that seem hard to find.  There’s paella pans, cooking and decorative tagines, sizzling plates, beautiful chopping boards, huge amounts of pizza making necessities including the amazing electric pizza makers that give you perfect pizza in under 5 minutes!

You’ll also find everything you need for preserving, cheese making, growing your own sprouts, fermenting your produce and a myriad of other culinary capers.

Give someone the gift of a new culinary obsession from our homewares section.

Fuel Sandwich Wrap

…Adding to our range of re-usable, BPA, PVC free food transportation devices are our fuel sandwich wraps, designed perfectly for a single sandwich, wrap or burritos. Unfolds to a personal placemat – and a waste free lunchbox.

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