EmilyHere’s where you find your everyday edibles. It’s what you would find in the supermarket, if supermarkets selected their products based on whether they’re ethical grown or produced, cruelty free, fair trade, sustainably farmed, sustainably produced, is gluten free or dairy free, is eco packaged or are simply unique or downright delicious. This doesn’t mean that every product shares all of these qualities, just that we have thought about these things, and if you are shopping with a certain bent or belief we have made it just that bit easier for you to find what you need.

We’re working hard to ensure you can do your complete grocery shop with us. From pasta to pickles, fermented foods, oils, vinegars, dressings special diet needs and special treats. We even have toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, and parchment packaging products that are gentler on the body and on the earth.

Organic & Chemical Free

One of the great joys of small producers is that often their ingredients are grown with love and thought, if not organic declared, often grown with organic principals, small batch, fair trade.  So many things you’ll find on our shelves have this kind of a back story.

Here’s a random selection of some of the stand out Organic & Chemical Free products in the shop.  To get a better idea of the breadth of Organic & Chemical Free Foods we stock you could also take a bit of a look at Health, Wellness & Free From Foods and ‘Special Diets’ in the Wholefoods Pantry...

Sunny Creek Organic

Sunny Creek Organic jams and preserves are made in Gipsland the old fashioned way with fruit and sugar and without additional preservatives, setting agents, artificial colours or flavours. (Fruit contains natural pectin which helps the jam set and is the reason that some flavours are more runny than others.) We love the Purple Raspberry - be warned supply is seasonal (as it should be!)

Mount Zero

Everything these guys do is great - pulses, olive oils, dukkah, flavoured sea salt, felafel mix to name a few... Mount Zero are a Demeter Certified Biodynamic Producer from just on the edge of the Grampians.

Green Grove Organics

Just over the New South Wales border you'll find the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory. Those who have been up that way say it is worth a visit... We love this range of truly delicious organic chocolate covered nuts, fruit, licorice and coffee beans. Warning: best not to eat the whole pack in one sitting....

Salute Oliva

Another one of our local loves from just down the road in Boort. These guys are a NASAA certified organic grower making beautiful extra virgin olive oil, olives and Daz's favourite semi-dried olives.

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Stuff in Jars (and cans too...)

Tins, jars, jams, cans – pickles, chutneys, jams, preserves, sauces, pickles, mustards and more…

Fish 4 Eva

Fish 4 Ever is a canned fish brand that strives towards sustainability. Over 70% of their products are Marine Stewardship Council certified and they take issues of ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing incredibly seriously. Pole & Line caught tuna and sustainably fished salmon, sardines and mackrel

Roza's Gourmet Sauces

Are they yummy? Yep! Handmade? Yep! Free from preservatives? Yep! Gluten Free? Yep! With great options for Vegans, Veggos, the sugar free or lactose intolerant? Yep! Yep! Yep! What? You need to know more? Okay, Rosa’s dips are now made by her daughter Jasmin in memory of her mum – gorgeous huh?

Country Cuisine

These guys have some great products - another local hero made down teh road in Daylseford. Their Moroccan Preserved Lemons were awarded a Commendation at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2011. The Raspberry Vinegar is a perennial favourite - you'll find all sorts of stuff to stock the pantry or picnic hamper from these guys across the store.

Jamie's Fine Dressings

This guy is a local legend. And let us tell you when the weather warms up we can hardly get enough of Jamie's Poppy Seed Salad Dressing on teh shelf before it romps out the door. His Beetroot Relish is a winner too (with a spot of goat's cheese) and his caramelized onions are always a welcome guest at a barbeque...

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Snacks & Sweet Things

Confectionary, sweet things, crackers, chips, etc…

If you’re going to treat yourself with something a little bit naughty then it may as well be great quality.  Around the shop counter you’ll see we stock fair-trade and organic chocolates, Pud Balls from Castlemaine (tiny Christmas puddings wrapped in chocolate), organic date and coconut rolls, Heaps of Pana Chocolates and Loving Earth treats and hundreds of other lines.

Luv Sum Snack Balls

Bounce balls are out. Luv Sum are in. Three delicious flavours for three delicious reasons. Not-a-nut-job is a choc-coconut nut free protein shot with 8 grams of protein perfect satisfying snack on the go that will stick with you. No refined sugar (only a little spot of honey) Pick-Me-Up is an almond, seed and spirulina naked superfood shot – it’s gluten free and packed with crunch. Morning Glory is a muesli nut breaky ball – a golden start to your day when there’s not quite time for bacon & eggs.

Cobbs Flavoured Popcorn

Yes popcorn lovers the great Cobbs Crisis of 2014 has ended - it’s back – slightly salty, slightly sweet organic popcorn-y treats are yours to enjoy once again – and now those evil geniuses have added caramel popcorn to the range.

Pud For All Seasons - Pud Balls

Made in Castlemaine - about the size of a rumball these little bite sized beauties are a ball of their fabulous puddings like date & butterscotch or cranberry & white chocolate then sealed in chocolate for a little bit of every day indulgence.

Phillippa' s Bakery

Using the best quality natural ingredients and family recipes, Phillippa’s specialises in baking all the things we wish we had time to bake and make... biscuits, spiced nuts, parmesan sables, biscotti, choc orange hazelnut biscotti, choc chip hazelnut cookies...just near the cash registers...perfect to grab when you are just popping round to a friends for a cup of tea...

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Ingredients for Cooks

We’re pretty proud of our reputation for being that one place in Bendigo where you can get that special ingredient you just can’t get anywhere else.  So whether it’s an authentic seasoning for your first venture into Central American Food (check out our Global Foods) or a substitute to make that legendary dish you always bring to family parties suitable for your brothers new vegan girlfriend we can help you out.

From Squid Ink to Xantham Gum to specialty baking flours we have everything a clever cook could need.  Just a few examples…

Sugar, Sweetners and Substitutes

if we gave every type of sweetner we have on our shelves an individual listing you'd be scrolling for days. And that s not even listing them by producer. So instead - here's the roll call...Ahem...we have...Coconut Sugar, Rapadura/ Panella (dehydrated whole can sugar - a wholefood alternative to the white stuff and particularily yummy in your latte), Stevia (plant based sugar alternative - 'so hot right now'), Agave Syrup, Coconut Nectar. Honey, Maple Syrup, Mollasses (including BlackStrap), Rice Malt Syrup, Glucose (for preserving), Xylitol (no calorie, fructose free, plant derived, sugar alternative), Palm Sugar and finally, Jaggery (made from dates, cane juice or palm sap - used in Indian Cooking). Phew!

Duck & Goose Fat

La Truffe Cendrée - Graisse d’Oie and Grasse de Canard
We have long believed…What makes baked potatoes better than best – DUCK FAT… what makes the world’s best hand cut chips – DUCK FAT…if you want to make incredible hot-water crust pastry…you guessed it – DUCK FAT…And then we discovered GOOSE FAT – the same, but only more so, relatively low in saturated fat (half that of butter). Warning: can make the humble baked tattie highly addictive. Type “Nigel Slater Goose Fat” into your preferred search engine for inspiration.

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Wholefoods Pantry

This is where you’ll find your seasonal staples – those things you always like to have on hand for your culinary creations – the basics that make everyday cooking easy.   We’re talking breakfast cereals, nuts, bulk foods, flours, sugar – you know the stuff.

Every item on our shelves is handpicked and we are constantly looking for products that are more local, better priced, organic, more ethical, higher quality and more delicious at the best possible price.

Click here to check out what you’ll find in our Wholefoods Pantry

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