The global food section of is kind of like our playground.  It ‘s where our love of food and playing with authentic flavours is really expressed.  Global food, quality authentic flavours – we love them!  It’s a big world out there and our community in Bendigo is getting more and more diverse. People travel, families move from overseas, friends visit and everyone brings their stories, their memories and their food to share and  connect with new friends and to stay connected to home and family far away.

We’ve also been working on a little something we call Wholesome Handpicked – and focusing on our global made local range.  We’ve been curating our global collection, culling a little, keeping our staple authentic lines and handpicking some cleaner options – locally made, some organically and sustainably sourced and all of them utterly delicious.  So next time your up for some adventure eating or kitchen table travel keep an eye out for products of the global made local kind…

Oh! and don’t forget to check out our massive range of global books for cooks over in the Hampers & Gifts Department

Global Made Local

We’ve also been working on a little something we call Wholesome Handpicked – and focussing on our global made local range.  We’ve been curating our global collection, culling a little, keeping our staple authentic lines and handpicking some cleaner options – locally made, some organically and sustainably sourced and all of them utterly delicious.  So next time your up for some adventure eating or kitchen table travel keep an eye out for products of the global made local kind…



Juanita's Kitchen

Made in Reservoir – Juanita – passionate cook and traveller has created this range of Mexican simmer sauces and dips inspired by her love of chili and her love of her Mexican partner.

All gluten, dairy, preservative free and suitable for vegans.

Chipotle Salsa perfect as a dip or on your tacos, The Mexican Mole and Tomatillo Salsa both have easy recipes on the side to help you dip your toe into authentic Mexican cooking.

Le Boabab

Made in Chewton!! All gluten free and vego/ vegan friendly…

Three simmer sauces to choose from: MAFE is a popular peanutty Senegalese dish; YASSA is a sauce of lemon, chili and onion, normally made with chicken and is great introduction to Senegalese food. NDAMBE is traditionally a hearty vegetable stew. Like Juanita’s Kitchen great easy recipes on the side of the jar so you can branch out into West African cooking confidently. And when you are ready to cook without the training wheels grab a jar of NOCCAS a traditional West African spice mix that is a great flavour base for any adventure filled cooking.

Melbourne Hot Sauce Co

Now gracing the tables of Melbourne’s hippest café’s, eateries and food vans and tequila bars. Chef & owner Richard Nelson spent 16 years as a chef specializing in Mexican, Cajun, Creole, Caribbean & Latin American cuisine before launching Melbourne Hot Sauce Co. Made in St. Kilda they even grow some ingredients themselves – seed to sauce.
100% natural with no preservatives, additives, fillers or any other nasty stuff and 100 % tasty.

Golden Pig & Co – Pot Stickers

So these guys are from a little further afield – in Sydney, but that’s certainly less food miles than Shanghai…

Great story – Erika & Robert Chan had over 20 years in the hospitality scene when their daughter Jordyn (born in the year of the Golden Pig) developed multiple food allergies. This launched their journey learning about organic, free range, low sugar, preservative free eating to provide the best nutrition for them and their little girl.

They created the Golden Pig & Co range for busy families like them who don’t always have the time to plan and cook wholesome nutritious meals. All made from grass fed and free range meat from their local growers that use sustainable farming methods They are also all free-from wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, sesame, MSG preservatives and some are meat free, some are soy free.

Gluten Free dumpling lovers of the world rejoice – Yum Cha is back on the menu!

Biona Organics

We love our global food – you know that right? Well sometimes in sourcing the most authentic tasting global ingredients we have had to compromise our ethics from time to time. So, for the last few months we have been putting our energy into sourcing authentic flavours that sit on our conscience just a little better…enter the Biona Organic Range. Here’s what their website says…

“We believe in great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Our farmers don't use chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops, and they don't grow genetically modified plants. We also make sure they only use sustainable farming methods and do not work their land intensively…”
Pretty good huh? Watch out for the range including wasabi paste, Asian noodles or harissa chilli relish or hot pepper sauce.

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Spanish, Mexican & Central American

So hot right now….literally and figuratively.

Possibly fuelled by just how well this cuisine translates to the current love of food trucks.  We’ve been loving Spanish food for a while now, and its great to extend the repertoire and the complexity of flavours with Central American foods and actual, really truly authentic Mexican.   Fresh and flavourful rather than the cheese laden grease fests that we were first introduced to by fast food chains.

Minsa Mexican Flours

Authentic maize based nixtamalized (which means higher nutritional value) flours to create authentic flat breads.

Tortilla Presses

Yep. Tortilla presses. Serious about seriously authentic Mexican and Central American food - you need this natty little piece of equipment.

La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria, in Kensignton, Melbourne, creatie truly authentic Mexican corn tortillas completely from scratch, using the same traditional ‘nixtamal’ method indigenous Aztecs have used for centuries. They stone-grind their own corn on the premises in our traditional Mexican mill, then bake the tortillas fresh daily. They are:
Gluten Free
Preservative and Additive Free
Cholesterol Free
Saturated and Trans Fat Free
100% Locally-Made from Australian Ingredients

Check out their website to see the impressive list of awesome restaurants using their products.

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European Classics

Duck fat, goose fat, truffles, truffle oils, dried mushrooms, canned chestnuts.  Whether doing a Julie & Julia and working your way through the French classics, creating authentic Yorkshire Puds or just want to make the world’s greatest roast potato (you haven’t lived til you’ve eaten spuds baked in duck fat) our global shelves will provide that special authentic something to wow your guests.

Here are a few highlights from some of the more popular culinary destinations…


La Truffe Cendrée - Graisse d’Oie and Grasse de Canard

We have long believed…What makes baked potatoes better than best – DUCK FAT… what makes the world’s best hand cut chips – DUCK FAT…if you want to make incredible hot-water crust pastry…you guessed it – DUCK FAT…And then we discovered GOOSE FAT – the same, but only more so, relatively low in saturated fat (half that of butter). Warning: can make the humble baked tattie highly addictive. Type “Nigel Slater Goose Fat” into your preferred search engine for inspiration.

Plantin Truffes – Whole summer truffles from France, Carpaccio of truffles

"Black Truffle Carpaccio is created for seasoning and garnishing. Bruschetta, on pizzas, with air-cured meats or on scrambled egg for the world’s sexiest breakfast…

Giuliano tartufi – Truffle Sauce & Olive Oil with White Truffle

The truffle sauce contains mushrooms, olive oil, black olives and summer truffle…stir it through pasta, on sourdough with avocado….
Tim Baxter of the Dispensary recent wrote of the truffle in Gram Magazine
“…in this oversaturated food world we now live in, there are still a few truly hedonistic delights…For $25 worth of freshly shaved black truffles you can turn a great meal in to a memorable life-affirming feast.” When the Victorian season lasts only 8 weeks these little beauties can tide us over ‘til next year.

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Middle Eastern

Not exactly a new cuisine on our tables,  yet Middle Eastern cuisine continues to inspire and excite us with it’s unique and striking flavours.  Pitch the earthiness of tahini against the bitey tang of pomegranate molasses with a spot of floral highlight of rose water or orange blossom.   Polarised flavours that combine to create an awesome culinary experience.  Thanks to Greg Malouf and his work with Mo Mo we came to love Middle Eastern Food and now Yotam Ottelenghi is our new hero…

Malouf's Spice Mezza Range

Greg Malouf - yes he of Melbourne's beloved MoMo restaurant fame - has his very own range of spice blends based on the spices and flavours of North Africa, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. And they are made just down the road in Daylesford.

Country Cuisine Preserved Lemons

These guys have some great products - another local hero made down teh road in Daylseford. Their Moroccan Preserved Lemons were awarded a Commendation at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2011.

Ali Wadi

All the essential Middle Eastern ingredients, Rose Water (Turkish Delight anyone?) Orange Blossom Water & Pommegranite Mollasses

Spiral Foods Tahini

Tahini - protein packed seasame seed paste that adds that certain something to Middle Eastern dips and dressings. From Spiral Foods - brilliant organic producer of many of our most loved global products.

mahroum shredded halva

A.K.A pashmak or Persian fairy floss. We’ve been searching high and low for an inexpensive source and we think we have found it. This is instant desert glamour in a tub…make a simple mouse, an easy panacotta or just fill a bowl with fresh berries… put a handful of shredded fairy floss on top for the world’s easiest glamour deserts.

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South East Asian

For so many of us these days South East Asian cooking is just what we do, it’s just how we eat.  Whipping up a quick stir fry after work, or a tasty summer salad with heaps of basil and corriander and a simple Vietnamese dressing of lime, palm sugar and fish sauce.

As Australian’s we have an enduring love affair with South East Asian food – it makes sense in our climate.  Whether you just need to stock the pantry with your favourite Asian staples or you need an obscure ingredient to try something a bit more tricky you first tried when on holidays in Thailand you’ll find it on our shelves…


Pete’s Travelling Pan’s Curry Pastes

You’ll find them in the freezer in the global section. Pete’s from Sri Lanka originally now living in Heatchote Junction. In between taking groups of foodies for fabulous gourmet tours through his country of origin Pete makes delicious fresh curry pastes and sells them at Farmer’s Markets.

Pork Buns & Dumplings

Wonton, Gyoza & Dim Sim Wrappers

Huy Fong Foods "Hot Cock" Siracha Sauce

...and also green chili siracha. this hot sauce has such a cult following that Huy Fong Foods actually created a special key ring so fans can carry around an emergency supply. Once you full in love with Siracha Sauce you'll find an excuse to incorporate in everything from scrambled eggs to aioli...(it's also worth visiting their website to listen to their theme song - its a classic!)

"Lady Chilli"

Now this one's a bit tricky...we have to admit due to language difficulties we are not quite sure of the real name of this product - but ask any of the staff it's a team favourite for "Lady Chili" and they will lead you straight there. It's a pickled chilli, the ultimate addition to any Chinese dish. Add a spoonful to your black vinegar for an easy dumpling dipping sauce.

BullHead Shallot Sauce

Another great all rounder that deserves a permanent place in your fridge door. Made in Taiwan by "the Father of Barbeque Sauce" since 1958.

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We love Japanese food.  How can you not?  Those great clean fresh flavours sitting happily alongside complex soups and stocks – I mean – these guys invented Umami after all…

Japanese cuisine is doing really exciting stuff at the moment with chefs like David Chang from Momofuku leading the charge reinvigorating this timeless cuisine.  Gone are the days of boring miso soups with soggy tofu. Enter pungent, punchy takes on ramen with slow poached eggs…


Spiral Foods

You'll notice these guys all over our store with their unique range of (mostly) organic products.

They really excel themselves when it comes to their traditional Japanese foods, Shoyu, Tamari, Mirrin, Rice Wine Vinegar, Plum Wine Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Ponzu, a full range of organic miso and so much more...

Hakubaku Organic Japanese Noodles

Soba, Cha, Udon, Ramen...A world-wide search for premium ingredients brought Hakubaku Japan to Australia where they found the finest organic wheat for authentic Japanese noodles – a traditional favourite. Ballarat, Victoria has become the Australian home of Hakubaku.

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We love Indian food… like Asian cooking it’s a staple of our diet.  Our Indian collection stars some great authentic ingredients – looking for something obscure. cashmerey chilli and a range of ghees…simply or complex – spend all day in the kitchen.

Bolt's indian Chutney & Pickle

Daz swears by this range of chutneys and relishes - loves them for their depth flavour and authenticity...

Mother's Recipe Pickle

Mother's Pickle - perrenial authentic Indian Pickles. This is how to pimp your takeaway, joosh up a quick mid week curry from a jar or add all the trimmings to a beautiful from scratch curry.

Larich Curry Pastes

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