We like to think of ourselves as an everyday Farmer’s Market.  We’ve gone to lots of effort to find local growers and producers that we know by name.  And we like to know what’s going on down on the farm.  We celebrate with them on the great seasons and bumper crops, and stand by them when poor rains reduces milk production and cheese supply or a heat wave knocks out the early tomatoes.

What we can’t source locally is delivered fresh daily from the markets, and all our fresh produce is Australian grown and GMO free.  Bendigo’s best range of certified organic fruit and veg is complemented by ethically grown, spray free or home grown items from small growers, backyard enthusiasts and Pepper Green Farm, a great community enterprise teaching the unemployed about Permaculture, Kristyndedicated to the use of organic methods.

Organic Fruit & Veg

In many ways the very heart of Bendigo Wholefoods is our fresh fruit and veg – whether it’s our fresh daily range of organic produce or locally grown goodness.  Here are a few of our favourite organic producers… oh yeah – don’t forget all fresh produce is 20% off on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

And on Mondays and Thursdays you can pick up a $40 Organic Seasonal Shop Box – $50 worth of organic fruit & veg, to see you through the week.

Gecko Woods

Victorian Organic Garlic - simply beyond compare to the bleached imported stuff.

Bromley Organics

Bromley Organics in Dunolly has been certified organic for 14 years now. We love their garlic, beans and greens

Mock Red Hill

Mock Red Hill are a biodynamic orchard in the heart of the Mornington Pennisular - galas, fujis, grannies and jonathans. These guys also do a brilliant apple cider vinegar and super yummy dried apple crisps.

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Local & Regional Fruit & Veg

We love that all things fresh n farmy change across the year, giving us an opportunity to celebrate the changing of the seasons and what’s awesome about each time of year. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like the Canowindra Cherries arriving hand picked from Harcourt, or summer good times when the first of the Golden Triangle Truss Tomatoes arrive. And you know winter’s not too far away when the big fat quinces are stacked up on the local produce table and the heritage potatoes start to arrive from Trentham.

The other thing about our local producers is that many of them farm along organic principles – they are often just to small to bother with certification.  And that’s teh great thing about knowing who grows your food – you can ask them exactly how they do it.

Chaplin's Orchards

These guys are just down the road in Harcourt (near Castlemaine) and grow apples and pears.

Canowindra Cherries

Yep - every December just before Christmas these guys give us a call and let us know the cherries are ready. When we want some more, we give them a call - and they go out to the orchard and pick them, Not kidding. Such a treat!

B & B Basil

George and the gang from B & B Basil are absolutely local heroes. Growing gorgeous micro herbs, bigger herbs, edible flowers - and a hands down contender for the greatest thing to come out of Bendigo since the Chikko Roll - B & B Basil Microherb Salad Mix. Turns even the most humble salad maker into a culinary rockstar.

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From the Dairy (milk, cheese and creamy goodness)

Considering Central Victoria is not really known for it’s lush dairy farming land we do pretty darn well on the local milk, cheese and creamy goodness front.  Check out our Dairy & Deli Department for a  list of Dairy Delights including our local loves…

Holy Goat

International award winning artisinal goats cheese's from just down the road in Sutton Grange.

Locheilan Farmhouse Cheese

From within our 100 kms but just over the boarder into NSW. Soft & hard cow's milk cheeses.

Jonseys Dairy Fresh

Our local family owned dairy based in Kerang. Full cream, low fat and non-homogenised cow's milk in 1 & 2 litres.

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Fresh Meat & Smallgoods

In our freezers you’ll find a pretty comprehensive range of organic beef, lamb and pork sourced from the Goldfields region, sitting happily next to the free-range chooks.  There’s also organic bones in the freezer for making magical delicious bone broth and super stocks.  Then two doors down you’ll find our deli fridge with gorgeous small goods from Istra in Musk and the range of Piper Street Food Co pates, terrines and rillettes…so good – click here to peruse just a few of our local lovelies…

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Free Range Eggs & Local Honey

Nothing compares to free range eggs from happy, healthy paddock raised birds.  The yolk is creamier, yellower, yummier – and from a cook’s point of view they poach better and are less likely to split.

Is there any happier site than a bunch of chickens going about their chooky business in your backyard?  Sadly, we don’t all have the luxury of raising our own – so grab some from these guys instead…

As for local honey – what better way to taste the unique flavours of the region?


400 Acres

Elliot's chooks are paddock grazed following in the wake of an organic dairy herd in Northern Victoria


These free range eggs are from Huntly - an outer suburb of Bendigo - the only way to make them more local is to raise your own chooks.

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Fresh Daily Local Bread

The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery

Bendigo's Own Sourdough Bakery - great range from fruit loaves, to pumpkin bread. Semi sourdoughs to hearty rustic loaves - delivered to us straight from their ovens twice a day.

Sim'R Cafe & Produce

Just around the corner with a range of flavoured sourdoughs and brioche buns.

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