KristynThis is where the fun is, looking for something special to ‘bring a plate’, create a yum cha party, or a quick and easy take home dinner or a spontaneous perfect picnic – it’s right here in Dairy & Deli.

There’s also stacks on non-dairy dairy goodness to be had, daily staples like yoghurt, butter and cheese and then super special artisinal versions of your daily staples to make even the most humble snack of mealtime extraordinary…here’s just a few of our faves…

Milk, Butter & Creamy Things

In our fridge you’ll find Jonesy’s milk – our local dairy and the baristas choice and creamy Jersey Milk.  There’s fresh almond milk, goats milk, delicious artisan or cultured butters and great local cheeses from every kind of milk imaginable.  There’s even yoghurt from just about every kind of milk – so even the dairy free and the lactose intolerant will find something they love in our fridge.

Jonseys Dairy Fresh

Our local family owned dairy based in Kerang. Full cream, low fat and non-homogenised cow's milk in 1 & 2 litres.

Inside Out Nutritious Goods

Fresh Almond Milk - plain and flavoured.

Myrtleford Butter Factory

Delicious family made in Myrtleford - just near Daz's home town of Beechworth. Butter milk, crème fraiche, best tasting butter - salted & unsalted.

B.D Paris Creek Farms

The B.D stands for Biodynamic. Grass fed butter from content cows in the Adelaide hills for all our paleo peeps.

Organic Times Butter

Certified organic salted & unsalted butter.

Tatura Butter

Cultured butter from just over 100 kms away.

Half Pint Vegan Dairy "Butter me up"

Dairy & cruelty free buttery spreadable coconut based spread that tastes like butter made just down the road in Wallan.

Melrose Omega Spreads

Flax based spreads.

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From organic and biodynamic cows milk yoghurt, keffir and quark through to buffalo, sheep or goat milk yoghurt right through to coconut or almond milk yoghurt our fridges hold the probiotic creamy goodness you prefer.

Meredith Dairy

Our closest yoghurt to home - sheep or goats milk yoghurt. This stuff is the bomb - the Meredith Dairy Goats are truly rockstars of the world of dairy goodness.

Schulz Organic Farm

Cow's milk yoghurt and super popular Quark . The Schulz family have been farming organically and biodynamically in North west Victoria since 1971.

Shaw River Buffalo Cheese

Pioneers of Water Buffalo Milking in Australia - Buffalo Milk yoghurt - check out their buffalo mozzarella and bocconcini.

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Cheesey Goodness

Cheese.  Cheese. Cheese. We love it!  Whether it’s a classic cheddar, a white mould goats cheese or stinky wash rind we’re up for it.

There’s a great range of local made cheeses in styles from around the world.  We even have an extensive range of vegan and dairy free cheeses so nobody misses out on the cheesey goodness.

Holy Goat

International award winning artisinal goats cheese's from just down the road in Sutton Grange.


From within our 100 kms but just over teh boarder into NSW. Soft & hard cow's milk cheeses.

Boosey Creek

Artisinal cows milk cheeses from a couple of hours down the road. Matured Cheddar, Gouda (with or without fennel seeds) and the award winning 'Warby Red' washed rind cheese.

Goldfield's Farmhouse

A range of fresh, hard, semi hard, white mould and blue vein cheeses. From Ballarat.

Blue Bay Goat Cheese

Made on the by identical twin brothers Andriy and Taras who grew up in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine where they learnt the art of cheese making from their grandmother. Grandma also taught them to be self-sufficient and never give up. Learning English from selling their product at farmers markets, they still use simple techniques and century old recipes from Central Europe in small batches at their Mornington Peninsula factory. Great news for peeps who are digestively challenged by cows milk cheeses we stock three Blue bay Goats Cheese hard cheeses, Caprino – sharp and bitey aged up to 3 years, Mozzarella for mild and melty moments and Goats Haloumy – ahhh fried cheese – the world’s greatest hang-over cure…

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Small Goods & Charcuterie

Good small goods – what can we say – simple pleasures.  Smokey bacon, tasty salami, spicy chorizo, fat pork sausages and delicate local rabbit, duck or pork rillette – yum!  You’ll find local heros Istra’s range nestled in with small goods from Melbourne institution Casa Iberica Deli and of course Piper Street Food Company sits proudly in our fridge.

Istra Smallgoods

Salami prosciutto, ham, sausages and chorizo. Made in Musk (just short of Daylesford) to traditional lstrian and family recipes. Try the pork snags with fennel.

Piper Street Food Company

Traditional French rillettes, terrines, and parfaits - made on Kyneton's Piper Street. Yummy, yummy, yummy - this and a baguette is all you need for the perfect picnic lunch.

Casa Iberica Deli

Located on Johnson Street Fitzroy. Since 1975 this family owned business has been producing traditional Spanish, Portugese & Latin American Small Goods.

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Fresh Meat

Organic, responsibly farmed meat from local farmers.  We even stock organic beef and chicken bones for beautiful slow cooked bone broths and stocks.

We love that our ethical meat sits just next door to our vegan freezer – its such a clear illustration that our doors are open to dietary diversity.

We are taking another look at local, sustainably farmed organic meat farmers so expect some changes here soon…

Goldfields Organic Pork, Beef & Lamb

Free Range Chicken

Organic Beef & Chicken Bones

For stocks and bone broths - Check out our blog "Bone Broth is the Bomb" to find out how and why we should all be boiling bones and creating delicious, nutritious stocks and broths

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Free Range Eggs

Nothing compares to free range eggs from happy, healthy paddock raised birds.  The yolk is creamier, yellower, yummier – and from a cook’s point of view they poach better and are less likely to split.

Is there any happier site than a bunch of chickens going about their chooky business in your backyard?  Sadly, we don’t all have the luxury of raising our own – so grab some from these guys instead…

400 Acres

Elliot's chooks are paddock grazed following in the wake of an organic dairy herd in Northern Victoria

Happy Chook

Locally Grown


These free range eggs are from Huntly - an outer suburb of Bendigo - the only way to make them more local is to raise your own chooks.

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Picnics, Parties & Platters

We love sharing food with friends and family, talking textures, comparing flavours, tempting taste buds.  This is what we love about our dairy and deli fridges whether you want some quick dips and nibblies for Friday afternoon drinks, a cheese platter to round out the perfect meal or a gourmet picnic to impress your chosen one we’re choc-a-bloc with choices….

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