SherryBread – it’s one of those fundamental pleasures. 

Just imagine fresh crusty baguette with thick slices of super ripe tomato or chewy sourdough toasted with lashings of butter…and is there any more welcoming smell than that of bread straight out of the oven?

At Bendigo Wholefoods we stock over 90 different types of bread.  In fact if you include all our global breads like authentic tortillas, Malaysian rotis, Gerries’s Pittes and friends there are well over 100 bready options in the shop on any given day.

Bendigo’s own sourdough bakery the Good Loaf delivers fresh, still warm bread to us twice a day, Wild n’ Tamed deliver their freshly baked bread from just down the road every day except for Tuesday but that’s okay because Zeally Bay from Torquay delivers straight from their organic bakery ovens on Tuesday and Thursday. Yum!


Fresh Daily Local Breads

The Good Loaf deliver their fresh, still warm bread to us twice a day. Corn bread, pumpkin loaves, vine fruit and rosemary, ciabatta, and almost anything you could want. Wild n’ Tamed deliver their freshly baked bread from just down the road every day except for Tuesday bringing us so many yummy things. And Zeally Bay make the journey from Torquay to bring us their delicious organic loaves of goodness.

The Good Loaf

Bendigo's Own Sourdough Bakery - great range from fruit loaves, to pumpkin bread. Semi sourdoughs to hearty rustic loaves - delivered to us straight from their ovens twice a day.

Wild n' Tamed

From just down the road with so many amazing varieties.

Zeally Bay Sourdough

These beautiful buns and lovely loaves have made the journey from Torquay to us in Bendigo so we can enjoy delicious organic bread.

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'Free From' Breads

At least 60 of our breads are wheat free and a vast majority of them are sourdough (i.e. yeast free) and if for some reason you can’t find one that fits your diet we have a huge range of flours – organic, sprouted, gluten free and even grains and seeds if you want to mill your own flour..

GF Precinct

From Melbourne - some of the best we have found.

Vitality Bakehouse

Melbourne based Vitality Bakehouse have been around a long time. All their breads are free from gluten, dairy and egg so good for lots of tummies. The top three at Wholefoods? The Seeded Loaf, Traditional White and the Herb & Garlic.

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Global Breads

This is how you take your adventure eating and global culinary endeavours to the next level.  Whipped up a quick laksa? Grab some roti to fry up with ghee. What about lamb giros with authentic pitte?

La Tortilleria

Melbourne made authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas - perfect complement to to our range of Mexican and Central American ingredients.

Gerry's Pittes

A Melbourne institution. Just chewy enough and just crispy enough - make authentic souvalaki at home or pop wedges in your toaster for the perfect home made dip accompaniment.

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Bread Baking Stuff

There are two places to look in the shop if you are keen to make your own bread – check out cake, make and bake – especially if you are gluten free – and then of course our bulk foods for flours.  While you are at it, whip over to our homemaking department to check some of the cooking equipment we stock to turn you in to a master-baker..

So many flours, heaps of yeasts, lots of grains to increase the flavour and fibre and even several grains that you can grind and make your own flour…

Bread Baking, Pizza Making Flours

You name it, in the flour department, we reckon we have got it. For bread, we have white, wholemeal, organic, spelt, rye and then seedy mixes and multigrain mixes to beef up the flavour and the fibre of your home baked loaves. Flours for your pizza bases.

The of course there is a HUGE selection of super specialty flours for our free-from-foodie friends from gluten free to ancient grains to sprouted flours for digestive ease.

Oh yeah - we also sell Bread Improver to give your home baked loaves that elastic-ey chewey texture that we all love...

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Interestingly enough the majority of our 100 plus bread lines are sourdough – which means they are yeast free – and most of these guys have been baking sourdough since before it became the groovy thing to put under your poached eggs at your favourite cafe.  All our fresh daily breads are sourdough – so too are these guys…

Ancient Grains

Want an amazing free from bread? Check out theses guys all their yummy loaves are free from: wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, rice, tapioca and potato starch! Awesomely awesome. Our faves? Try Spelt, Kamut or the Seeded Rye


Want to know where hipsters stole their look from? Check out the wuppertaler dude.....Brilliant Rye Breads, Gorgeous Rye Fruit Buns...want a super decadent treat, fresh wuppertaler rye with myrtleford butter and golden syrup...too yummy!

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