Jerk Seasoned BBQ


BBQ meat and salad

It’s been 29 years since Daz cruised around the island of Jamaica, sleeping on the beach, hanging out with the locals drinking Red Stripe beers and playing dominoes in beach bars … And of course eating blackened jerk chicken cooked on wire mesh on a 44 gallon drum – and we mean blackened.Falmouth Jerk Centre, Jamaica

Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meat is dry rubbed or wet marinated.  It is traditionally used with chicken and pork; but in more recent times you can find shellfish, beef, lamb, tofu, baked sweet spuds, sweet corn and even a paleo cauliflower hommus with a drizzle of olive oil, jerk dry spice and fresh lemon juice.

The two main ingredients are allspice (pimento) and chilli peppers (scotch bonnets).  Jerk is best cooked on a charcoal BBQ to get a bit of blackness.

Jerk Seasoning Options

Walkerswood Jerk SeasoningAt Wholefoods Kitchen we are using the Walkerswood wet spice marinade for both our jerk chicken and tofu toastys, finished with a flick of Screaming Seeds jerk dry spice blend, lemony sumac and smoked salt condiment mix to make the mouth water. Walkerswood, from Jamaica, has a long history as foodie legends and as a single farm supplier/provenance. Screaming Seeds are made by Doug and Wendy in Geelong Victoria. The good thing about using Screaming Seeds dry mixes and spice blends is that they’re all free from gluten, dairy, nuts and sugar, so almost anyone can eat them.

At Bendigo Wholefoods shop we use both Walkerswood (wet) and Screaming Seeds (dry) spice mixes so you don’t need a RECIPE as such, just a few tips on how to whip things together easily. The steps are simple.


Screaming Seeds jerk spice mix

Just marinate your protein in jerk spices, then pan fry, grill or BBQ your protein, make a delicious salad and you will be eating a meal in around 30 minutes.

Try marinating your protein with Screaming Seeds dry jerk spices along with some preserved lemon pulp and olive oil. Fresh lemon or lime squeezed over the chicken and salad keeps it nice and refreshing … jerk plus lemon equals good!


Jerk-related events

Saturday afternoon BBQs

During the festive food season Daz will get some Jerk things happening on the BBQ, out front of Wholefoods Kitchen, on a Saturday between 12pm and 3pm to some Bob Marley tunes – as long its not too ‘dark and stormy’


On Tuesday the 20th of November between 7pm and 9pm Nic and Daz will be doing a Salad and BBQ LOCKIN event and Jerk will be on the Menu.  Doug from Screaming Seeds will also be there.  Rastas welcome … BOOK LOCKIN tickets here.


Daz on the BBQ with Jerk seasoning in foreground