We quite possibly have the coolest little contraption now sitting in our shop.


As of Tuesday, Grateful Harvest delivered an incredibly good looking Kombucha Bar. Operating ‘on-tap’, it provides a nourishing and seasonal Kombucha drink, promoting sustainability. Made in Melbourne, the team at Grateful Harvest have connected with businesses across the city and Victorian regions.

kombuchaI’m sure you’ve heard a little bit about Kombucha and fermenting, more so in recent years as it becomes a big trend in cafes, wholefoods, food blogs etc. It is in fact a Chinese tradition that dates back more than 2000 years. Fermentation is a process of breaking down sugar into acid or alcohol.

Initially with the intention to preserve produce, the bacteria found in fermented food and drinks are now known to be incredibly beneficial to gut health, of largest importance in our immune systems.

It also has benefits of decreasing aches and pains, increased energy levels, clearing of skin complaints. Also – say goodbye to sugar cravings…

Tradition sees the consumption of the Kombucha drink in a social setting, yet the reported health benefits show just as little as 100mls per day can nourish the body.


On tap we now have three different flavours. Original, Ginger & Turmeric, and Spiced Orange. So, to get your daily dosage, you can pick up a little $2 shot of Kombucha and enjoy as you shop. You can grab a cup of it for $4.

OR, you can purchase a small or large bottle to take home, reuse, recycle as you take lovely care of our environment. Truly though, who doesn’t love a ‘refill’?


We’re super excited to now stock such a convenient, sustainable product in the shop. Alongside this magical machine are a collection of Healing Botanical Fermented Herbs. Fermented into a ‘vinegar’ like extract, these incredibly sustainable bottles of goodness can be popped into your morning smoothies, in salad dressings or drizzled over veggies.

Much like our DIY peanut butter station, this one allows you to take matters into your own hands and pour as you please. If you’ve had dreams of becoming a bartender, you’ll especially enjoy this. Only difference? You’ll be pouring some liquid gold that your insides will thank you for the next day. ;)