While we’ve been busy serving wholebowls and keeping up with all of the new faces popping in at our Kitchen, a not so little project down the road has also caught attention of the locals of Bendigo.

Yesterday, an 8 metre tall lifelike sculpture of iconic pinup girl, Marilyn Monroe, was positioned neatly in Rosiland Park; the heart of the city. The wondrous sight depicts the exhibition to come in March of this year, held at the Art Gallery. It’s yet another truly exciting time for Bendigo, as our art culture expands and brings more and more people to regional Victoria.



Bendigo Art Gallery, View Street.


Of course, we at Wholefoods always love to be apart of the fun, and we thought we’d do some research into Miss Monroe’s food and lifestyle habits (of course).

So that if you do get to catch the much-anticipated exhibition in the coming months, you’ll have some foodie knowledge about Marilyn you can confidently pass on to impress family and friends. A bit of “Did you know…? Fact has it…”
Anyway, Marilyn’s eating habits were deemed ‘bizarre’ by some, and given how incredibly far the world has come with food diversity and knowledge, a few critics have swooped in to label her diet of choice ‘simple’ and almost ‘nutritionally unbalanced’.

Let’s start from the first meal of the day. The captivating, blonde movie star would serve herself a warm glass of milk with two raw eggs whipped into it. A multi-vitamin was added to the mix and Monroe doubted if any doc could ‘recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry’.


Lunch Marilyn skipped. If our Kitchen were there for her around the time, we’d ensure that that wouldn’t happen. Besides, she wouldn’t be able to say no to our Asian Pulled Pork Wholebowl…….

BendigoWholeFoodsKitchen-184 copy

For dinner, Marilyn was a food market regular, stopping in on her way back to her hotel to pick up either some steak, lamb chops or liver. She’d broil them in her electric oven, and accompany the dish with four or five raw carrots. ‘Part rabbit’ she was self-proclaimed. (See above.)

Marilyn Monroe cooking

Her lack of food during daylight meant she could indulge of an evening. After drama class, Marilyn would make a cheeky stop at her local ice cream parlour for a hot fudge sundae. If it weren’t for her protein fuelled diet she wasn’t certain she could keep up the trend.


Dining out, Marilyn took delight in a glass of sparkling with company, or the occasional rum and coke solo. She enjoyed spaghetti with Jo DiMaggio at italian restaurant, Villa Nova. A bowl of chilli, or serving of fish were also her menu items of choice.


I think it’s safe to declare that it was in fact quite the simple diet; Marilyn’s taste buds were obviously easily pleased. And she didn’t get bored. Yet if we were to back track to the fifties, that was how the general population ate. Meals were protein based, with few refined carbohydrates. Full fat dairy was a staple, as were animal fats and oils. With the variety now on offer, are we the lucky ones? Variety also comes at a price; and in this case that price means preservatives. Fast food. I’ll be bold however, and say I’ll leave the fifties diet to our new local, Marilyn. You can easily eat diversely without the nasties. And here at Wholefoods, that is something that we pride ourselves on.

With this exhibition reaching near, the city of Bendigo will be busily coming up with wonderful and creative ways to promote it. We look forward to the months ahead, and we can’t wait to bring a bit of Marilyn into our Kitchen & grocer!

BWFK_Shoot220160130_0095 copy

“A career is wonderful. But you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” – MM

(She was obviously talking about our Loving Earth Raw Hot Chocolate here)