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Our friendly waitress, Adelie, has been a regular face you would have seen in our Kitchen since its opening.











We wanted to write a little story about Adelie as it is in fact sadly her last day with us on Friday. Adelie is originally from Bourges, France. She owned her own company there as a designer and costume maker. From there she was offered a job in Australia with the Sydney Opera, and then the Sydney Theatre. Near after Adelie designed costumes for the Melbourne Ballet.

One day she decided that she could no longer sit behind a sewing machine for eight hours a day, she really missed social contact. Her friend from Bendigo brought her down for the day to visit this beautiful place with full knowledge Adelie loved all things cooking and eating well. She took her straight to our wholefoods store. :) Coincidentally, Adelie noticed an upcoming kitchen opening right next door…

Since handing her resume with a great desire for change, Adelie has slotted into the food industry so perfectly. She has helped us get the kitchen up and running, and has never missed a day working long hours. When Daz asked her what she loved about some of the cafes in Brunswick, Melbourne while living there – the unique and intimate connections were something that stood out for her. She loved the friendliness in food experience. When he asked “Why Bendigo?” Adelie tied her upbringing with our regional city. Bourges is a small country town an hour from the city of France, and Bendigo reminded her of home. She was excited about the potential of a startup cafe, and loved that we focus on local growers and producers here at Wholefoods. Amour Locale ;)

Unfortunately Adelie’s working visa has run its course, so she regretfully leaves us. I asked her what her future plans were yesterday and she said, “I want to go back to France and get my certificate in cookery, then I want to come straight back here and work.”
I asked, “Oh back to Aus?”
“NO! Back HERE! In this very Kitchen! If Daz will have me again.”

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To think we played a part in her love for food that she wants to come straight back after her studies, reminds us that this is what it’s all about.
We’ll miss Adelie! We’re all heading to Handlebar tomorrow night to wish her Au Revoir with our breads, dips and salads – to enjoy with a few shneaky bevs (as Tim puts it) of course.