Today, as I sit out in Wholefoods kitchen nursery in complete tranquility, I decide to alter my plans to squeeze in a garden blog as gratitude. That and there are quite a few goodies in prime position to begin planting for harvest. Although the spring/summer seasons bring us many variety and opportunity; the green thumb can definitely utilise this time of year just as easily and beneficially.

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As the end of February nears, we head into the beautiful season of Autumn. Below is a list of cooler season vegetables you can begin to consider making apart of your veggie patch crew.

These ones mainly heir from the cruciferae family, such as:

Brussel Sprouts


Seed can also be sown this time of year of onions, carrots, leeks and creamy parsnips.
Herbs to plant:


Lastly, if your garden is full of plants, the month of February is the perfect time and essentially your last chance to prune those plants! This will ensure a nice recovery growth before the cooler months of winter set in. Or perhaps you have other motives; a lovely display of flowers throughout autumn. Either way, this little tip is quite diverse and can be directed towards almost all plants you have in your home garden.

If you’re around the Lyttlelon Terrace precinct, our friendly garden guru Tom, can help you grow and master your very own edible garden.


‘Hydration is key’ says the expert.

There are even dining tables & chairs here if you’ve decided to pop in next door to our kitchen for lunch. What nicer to way to enjoy a wholebowl than among the plants, sunshine and butterflies?

Next garden blog on the menu – oh citrus trees….

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