We are back on the blog! We’re on, so many stories to tell you…

Boy oh boy it’s been a busy time for us at Bendigo Wholefoods!! And we sincerely apologise for the long distance relationship while we were out at sea the past two months, but we were working on something quite magical. Please forgive us, we promise that what we’re about to tell you is worth the absence…
With tired bodies and excited faces we proudly introduce to you…WHOLEFOODS KITCHEN! Can you believe it?! Our very own cafe that showcases what we’re all about – organic, seasonal, local produce! Throw in some smiles, foodie knowledge, speedy chefs and you have yourself some stellar customer service.


So, where are we?

It’s your lucky day! We’re right NEXT DOOR to your favourite greengrocer, delicatessen, garden nursery and providore. That’s right, Bendigo Wholefoods has provided an extension for you to do a spot of shopping, to then perhaps waltz on through our big glass doors for lunch into our kitchen side. The dark side – not really, it’s so good. There’s indoor and outdoor dining, OR if you’re in a hurry, the option to takeaway.

What do we offer?

Well! For the busy ones, the new favourite spot in the cafe is our ‘Good to GO’ section. It’s a little space of heaven that offers you a whole day’s feast if you don’t have the time in the mornin’. Think organic peckish pots, fresh sandwiches, super salads and the freshest of fruit. There’s a ginormous drinks fridge for you to grab yourself a coconut water, or perhaps you like the fizz? Hepburn Springs Mineral Water has you sorted there. So many thirst quenchers available. Lastly, snacks. Just snacks. (see photo, you’ll understand.)


snack snug

Told you…

If you like the dine-in experience however, and your friend has decided to pay you an impromptu visit, then try and STEP AWAY from the snacks, and there lies our ‘HOT STUFF’ corner. This is where your feast awaits you…
We have NINE salads freshly made from local produce to make yourself up a bowl. If you make friends with salad already, then of course you’re set for lunch. BUT – we do offer the hearty stuff to accompany, the proteins. Slow cooked meats, tofu balls…Theennnnn, to tie it all in together, of course your tummy may require a dip and dollop* here, or some crunch and punch* there. It is ALL about the textures, as well as the taste, and you can build or simplify as you please.

*Meredith Feta. Goats cheese. Kale Pesto + more…

*Nut Parmesan. Millet Puff. Mexican Corn chip +more…

Drinks: We offer coffee from our friends at Old Green Bean, for the caffeine dependent. Or lifestyle savvy. Fresh and fun smoothies and juices are made on request, all with the option of super powder additives if your body so desires!


Crowd favourite?

kitchen - kyle - wholebowls

Wholebowls in demand, Kyle to the rescue!

Our glorious WHOLEBOWLS are stealing everyone’s hearts here in the Kitchen. Basically, much like the ‘Build your own’ bowls. But these dishes from dreamland are chosen for you. With diet and culture diversity in mind, we have carefully created five beaut wholebowls for you to choose from – should you get overwhelmed with the array of choices. We’ve thought about this. Cypriot grains with braised persian lamb. Or maybe you’d prefer lemongrass chicken with our crunchy spring salad? There’s a vegan smoked tofu option that really has to be seen to be believed. Meat eaters won’t even be able to resist that one.
If you’re new to the place, don’t look past these…..





When can you come in and see for your own eyes?

Monday – Friday:
11am – 6pm

11am – 3pm

And much like our grocer, we’re CLOSED for Sunday Fundays.


A note from us:

To our lovely customers that have popped in so far and experienced Wholefoods Kitchen, THANK YOU. We’re truly excited about this new venture, and the support from our local friends means the world. Tell your friends, bring your mum, let’s all join together to support fresh and local produce. And of course a budding community.



Wholefoods Kitchen is now on Instagram! Click on the image below to follow our page…

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