Spring Time - Tomato Plants

It’s time to start thinking (if you haven’t already!) of what you want to take from your garden to your table in the next few months.

Everyone is excited to get their tomatoes in but you need to be careful in choosing when and where you plant them right now. There is still a chance for frost at this time of year, so if you are going to plant them out now it is important to be able to protect them from the frost.

Everyone has heard at some point  ‘don’t plant your tomatoes until after Melbourne Cup Day’, and it really is a good idea. Late October or early November is the safest bet for making sure your young plants will be protected from the frost and make it through the season.

Getting your tomato plants in early doesn’t necessarily mean that Tom in the Gardenyou get to start eating them any earlier as the air and soil temperature is what really tells the plants to get a move on.

When you think it is time to get the tomatoes in the ground, don’t forget about doing some companion planting. Placing basil, coriander or marigolds at the base of the tomatoes can help your crop grow just like Nanna’s used to as a kid. By adding basil to the garden you help to deter any insects coming in to steal the rewards from your hard work and it allows the plants to share nutrients in the soil. Have a look at our article on companion planting here.

Another nice little idea that Kyle suggests is planting all of your salad plants together. You can walk outside at any time and pick everything you need all from the same place.

Before your mind wanders to think about all of the little joys that you will have in your garden in the next few months, first you should be getting your soil ready. Sea Tea, Charlie Carp, and slow release fertiliser should all be on hand and will be your best friends in the coming weeks.

Get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine!

Come in and have a chat with Tom or Kyle for some advice on what you should be doing to get yourself and your garden prepared for the next few months in the sun.