Kristyn stacks our ethical meat fridge with local organic meatFrom recent press you might think that the Paleo crowd invented bone broth – but since the beginning of time bone broths have been used to help nurse people back to health – chicken soup for your cold much?

Bone broth is an excellent source of minerals and is known to boost the immune system.   But drunk more regularly, the bone broth brotherhood believes it can improve digestion, allergies, immune and brain health.

So, how is it different from packaged stock?

The packaged kind usually contains sodium, sugar, artificial colours and flavourings.   Don’t get us wrong, packaged stock has its place, like when you want to do a mid-week oven baked risotto; and there are some great brands like the Moredough Kitchen range long term foodie favourite high on flavour low in unnecessary additives and preservatives.   But there’s nothing like a slow cooked real stock or broth to flavor your soups and stews…

How do you make it?

It’s actually super easy and relatively inexpensive to make – a quick google will provide hundreds of great recipes and variations.  Basically, its just a basic chicken stock cooked for longer.  Simmer your bones anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to break down the bone, release the nutrients and minerals and make the nutrient rich collagen, gelatin and glucosamine easier to digest.

Best to use high quality bones from organic grass fed beef or organic free range chooks or even wild caught fish – since you are going to be extracting every last drop of goodness from their bones you want them to have been as happy and healthy as possible.  We’ve always got organic beef bones in our responsibly farmed meat fridge.

Thrifty Tip –

Save your organic chook bones after a roast and use them to make a stock.  Rachel snaffles them of people’s plates and throws them in a zip lock in the freezer til she’s ready to make a broth.