To ensure a bumper growing season ahead you need to prep your soil now with compost. By mixing compost into your garden beds you’ll build the humus and turn poor soil into awesome soil. It’ll make the soil more friable – which means it’s easier for plants to get their baby roots through to access nutrients and for water to spread through the earth. Increasing the nutrient content in your soil by adding compost makes for robust healthy plants that grow yummy nutrient packed veggies. That’s what makes homegrown taste so good!

zoo gro organic compost

As a rule of thumb, depending on the existing state of your soil, mix in about ½ a bucket of compost per square meter.   Just fork through then water it in… If you haven’t got your compost up and running you can grab a bag of ‘Zoo Grow’ – it’s animal poo from the Melbourne Zoo and it’s chock full of the good stuff.

Don’t forget that your existing plants need to be fed too, and keep feeding them through the spring growing season. Just fork some sheep, cow and chook poo (available in bags) through the surrounding soil and water it in. A quick word of warning: Whether you use compost, commercial fertilizers or poo – make sure you water fertilizer in STRAIGHT AWAY…otherwise you’ll get ‘reverse osmosis’ the salts in the fertilizer will suck all the water out of your plants and kill them – so water straight away!